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Fuel Your Advocacy with Considerate Pouchers Resources

Saving Lives Like Swedes

Welcome to Our Collection of Activist Resources For Considerate Pouchers Worldwide.

As we strive for a future without smoking, Sweden shines as an example of how harm reduction strategies can lead to significant progress. With Sweden on the verge of becoming the first smoke-free country in the world, there’s much we can learn and adopt from their approach. To support activists, we’ve curated a range of materials aimed at equipping you with the tools needed to champion Sweden’s effective methods in your communities.

Everything here is accessible for free and adaptable to your advocacy efforts. Here’s a glimpse of what our collection offers:

Activist Toolkit: This all-in-one package provides everything needed to promote the cause, including a template for a press announcement, a compelling slide deck showcasing Sweden’s harm reduction achievements, a detailed factsheet with crucial information about the Swedish approach, and a tactical guide for interacting with policymakers.

Press Announcement

Swedish Success Slide Deck

Swedish Approach Factsheet

Policy-maker Engagement Guide

Digital Advocacy Assets: Bolster your online advocacy with our suite of social media content, ready for customization and dissemination. Use these tools to extend our shared message far and wide.


Graphics for various countries and languages: Coming Soon

Engaging Video Clip: Thanks to our allies at “We Are Innovation,” this engaging clip from their documentary highlights Sweden’s successful journey in harm reduction. It’s a powerful tool for captivating your audience and sparking discussions online.


Let’s Harness These Tools for Advocacy

We urge you to use these resources to motivate your communities and local policymakers to view the Swedish approach as an effective strategy for lowering smoking prevalence and improving public health. By working together, we can spread this positive impact, advocating for policies that focus on harm reduction and health.

Full Pack

Every action contributes to our shared goal of a smoke-free future. Let’s maximize these tools and push for a time when the achievements in Sweden can be witnessed globally. 

Thank you for your dedication to this cause. 

United, our impact is greater.

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Meidän maalimme on lisätä tietoisuutta nikotiinipusseista ja niiden tehokkuudesta vähentää tupakoinnin aiheuttamia haittoja. Olemme elävän yhteisön ääni, joka koostuu yksilöistä, jotka ovat onnistuneesti siirtyneet savuttomaan elämään nikotiinipussien avulla. Tilaa uutiskirjeemme pysyäksesi ajan tasalla ilmoituksistamme ja tulevista digitaalisista ja ruohonjuuritason tapahtumista, joissa voit tukea pussin käyttäjiä saamaan äänensä kuuluviin.

Haittojen vähentäminen on avain savuttomien yhteiskuntien luomiseen ja kaikkien kansanterveyden parantamiseen.

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