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Sweden’s remarkable success in reducing smoking rates, thanks to alternative nicotine products like snus, nicotine pouches, and vapes, stands as a testament to the power of embracing safer alternatives. 

Here, we present an open letter addressed to policymakers, urging them to share and propagate Sweden’s unique success story. 

Sweden has the lowest smoking rate of any EU member state, at just 5.6%, just above the official 5% “smoke free” limit used by international Public Health organisations, and is on track to become smoke free this year.

It has been possible due to Sweden’s measured approach to alternatives to smoking, allowing smokers to switch to snus, tobacco-free nicotine pouches and vapes. This has led to Sweden having the lowest incidence of tobacco related death and disease anywhere in Europe.

If other countries had followed the Swedish approach almost 3 million lives would have been saved in Europe alone between 2000 and 2019. 

By downloading and supporting our open letter, you join a growing movement that believes in spreading Sweden’s gift to the world – a proven method to save millions of lives. 

Take Action Now!

Every voice counts in this crucial mission. Don’t just stand by; be a part of the change. Your support could be the spark that saves millions of lives. 

Together, we can urge policymakers worldwide to embrace Sweden’s smoke-free strategy. 

Download, sign, and share our open letter. 

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