Making Smoking History

We are Making Smoking History

In Sweden this year, we’re doing something really special. We’re #MakingSmokingHistory.

That’s right Sweden will be the first country to become smoke-free, or, in other words, to have a smoking prevalence of 5% or less. You might be wondering how we did it – and the answer is thanks to safer alternatives to cigarettes.

Pouches have helped Swedes quit smoking for many years. Whilst snus has traditionally been the option primarily for male smokers to move and stay away from cigarettes, the more recent tobacco-free nicotine pouches quickly became a preferred option for female smokers.

In fact, since nicotine pouches became available to Swedes (who already had snus) as another safer alternative to cigarettes in 2018 – just five years ago – smoking rates have dropped by more than 20%.

This carries huge public health benefits, as suggested by experts in Sweden and worldwide.

Safer alternatives to cigarettes are the reason Sweden has the lowest rates of smoking-related cancer in Europe.

We are Pouchers. In 2023, we’re making smoking history!


Sweden's Success Story

Sweden has the lowest smoking rate in the EU and is the only country on track to achieve the EU’s smoke free-goal of 5% of smokers nationwide.

considerate pouchers Sweden

Sweden's Path to Smoke-Free Success

Discover Sweden’s remarkable journey to becoming the world’s first smoke-free nation in an exclusive interview with Charlie Andreas Weimers, a Swedish politician and Member of the European Parliament. Join Considerate Pouchers Sweden Director, Carissa During, as she chats with Weimers in Brussels to uncover Sweden’s secret to success. The key lies in offering people the freedom of choice and wholeheartedly embracing harm-reduction tools like Nicotine Pouches. Witness the insightful discussion and explore how these strategies have paved the way to a smoke-free Sweden. Don’t miss the video – watch now!

Declining Smoking rates

Smoking rates have declined by 55% in the last decade

Less Smoking-related deaths

Smoking-related deaths are 22% lower in Sweden than the EU average.

Lower Cancer Rates

Cancer incidence is 41% lower than in the rest of Europe, with total cancer deaths being 38% lower.

It’s time to beat smoking like the Swedes!

By embracing harm reduction and alternative nicotine products like snus, Sweden is on track to become the first smoke-free country worldwide.

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Our goal is to raise awareness about the Swedish success in tobacco harm reduction and encourage Swedes to celebrate their achievement. We will spread Sweden’s success story on the EU level, among EU member states and an international audience through political outreach, but also in the media and the pouchers community. We will run digital and grassroots events, and help pouchers raise their voice. 

Stay tuned for the announcements! 

Let’s take action and beat smoking rates like the Swedes. By embracing harm reduction, we can achieve smoke-free societies and improve public health for all.

Join us today!


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