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Save Nicotine Pouches in the UK

Nicotine pouchers – the UK Government wants to hear from you!

On October 6th 2023 the UK Government’s Department for Health and Social Care published a command paper titled “Stopping the start: our new plan to create a smokefree generation. This document outlines the government’s proposed actions to stop smoking and address the issue of youth vaping. The proposals look at three main areas; changes to the smoking age, measures to address youth vaping and enforcement of legislation. Importantly, the command paper also draws attention to nicotine pouches, and the proposal suggests exploring potential restrictions on such products.

The government has opened a public consultation around the proposed changes – “Creating a smokefree generation and tackling youth vaping: your views”. This creates a fantastic opportunity for nicotine pouch users to have their voices heard.

We need to act NOW!

The UK Government, along with devolved administrations, are looking to understand the potential effects on businesses and individuals of the proposed changes.

As nicotine pouch users – it’s important we take advantage of this opportunity to ensure legislation doesn’t prevent smokers from switching to alternatives – but instead ensures nicotine pouches are available to adult users and have proper legislative recognition.

There are 4 key points that we strongly believe in

Age restricting sales to over 18s

Nicotine pouches are intended for adult use, and legislation needs to be updated accordingly. Currently, there are no legal age restrictions on these products, a loophole that requires attention.

Limiting nicotine pouch strength to a reasonable figure

Nicotine at safe levels is no more harmful than caffeine however due to the lack of existing legislation - there are a number of products on the market that contain what could be considered dangerous levels of nicotine per pouch.

Setting standards on included ingredients

Tobacco alternative products, aimed at harm reduction, must ensure safety for consumers. We recommend legislation for nicotine pouches, such as enforcing the use of food-grade ingredients and pharmaceutical-grade nicotine

Restrictions around packaging

Nicotine pouches are intended for adults and former smokers. It's crucial that the packaging mirrors this, preventing any appeal to younger audiences. We recommend limiting designs that feature cartoons, or any other imagery that could attract children, within reasonable boundaries.

Not sure what answers to give?

Take a look at what our UK Director Richard Crosby submitted:

Yes – undoubtedly, the importance of regulating nicotine pouches in tandem with vapes cannot be overstated. Such regulatory consistency is not just about preserving safety standards; it also plays a pivotal role in safeguarding consumers and aiding smokers in their journey to quit. Primarily, instituting a minimum age of sale for nicotine-derived products, set at 18, is paramount in preventing underage usage and fostering responsible consumption. This blanket age restriction should encompass all varieties of nicotine products, irrespective of their physical form or method of use. To bolster the safety net for consumers, I advocate the implementation of standards relating to the ingredients used in such products. Specifically, a limit of 20mg of nicotine per pouch could serve to maintain a higher safety threshold. On the packaging front, materials that feature cartoons or analogous imagery ought to be categorically prohibited. Such representations may be attractive to children and engender confusion regarding the nature of the product. In the same spirit, flavour names should steer clear of resembling candy or confectionery items. This measure would add an additional layer of deterrence, preventing younger demographics from experimenting with these nicotine products. Finally, it’s essential that consistency in the regulation of nicotine products remains a priority. This involves ensuring all nicotine-infused items meet the same safety and quality benchmarks, regardless of their form, while also continuing to provide a safer smoking alternative for adult consumers. As such, I emphatically call for the equitable and rigorous implementation of regulations that do justice to all parties involved.

"Attention nicotine pouch users: Complete this form to have your say. Your voices matter in shaping future regulations. Protect the product with the right rules"

It’s time to raise your voice!

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