Report Suggests Snus is Norway’s Best Smoking Cessation Aid

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This study examines the effectiveness of Snus as a smoking cessation aid in Norway. The results confirm that Snus is the most commonly used and successful method for quitting smoking in the country. However, there is a gender disparity in Snus usage, with men being more inclined to use it compared to women. The study emphasizes the importance of improving access to cessation aids for all individuals, as a significant number of smokers attempt to quit without utilizing any aids. Strengthening access and public awareness could greatly support individuals in their efforts to quit smoking.


–  Norway has a smoking prevalence rate of 14%, lower than the EU average of 23%.

–  Snus, a smokeless tobacco product, is believed to contribute to the low smoking rates in Nordic countries.

–  A study using Norwegian data showed that Snus was the most commonly used and successful smoking cessation aid in Norway.

–  Snus use in Norway has increased over time, with smoking rates decreasing.

–  Around 40% of smokers in Norway attempt to quit each year, but only 1 in 3 succeed.

–  The study identified three primary categories of smoking cessation aids: counselling, medicinal drugs, and nicotine replacement therapy (NRTs) such as Snus and e-cigarettes.

–  Men and women in Norway have different preferences for smoking aids, with more men using Snus and more women using mobile apps.

–  Snus was found to be the most effective cessation aid, at least twice as effective as other products.

–  Nicotine pouches, like Snus, could help bridge the gap between men and women in smoking cessation.

–  Lack of access to cessation aids and the belief in willpower as the main factor for quitting were reasons why some individuals did not use NRTs.

–  Improved access and public messaging could help individuals access and benefit from smoking cessation products.

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