Smoke-Free Europe: Sweden Trims Snus Tax by 20%

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Sweden Reduces Tax on Snus by 20% and Accelerates Progress Towards the First Smoke-Free Country in Europe

Sweden has made a groundbreaking move to reduce smoking rates further and promote harm reduction. On September 7, 2023, the Swedish government revealed its plans to decrease the tax on snus, a smokeless tobacco product, by 20%. This strategic decision comes alongside an increase in taxes on cigarettes and smoking tobacco by 9%. As the rest of the European Union watches, Sweden’s pioneering steps continue to set an exemplary standard for harm reduction efforts across the continent.

Sweden has long been at the forefront of progressive health policies, particularly with smoking. With an ambitious objective to achieve a smoking rate below 5%, the nation has consistently demonstrated its commitment to public health. This latest initiative reinforces Sweden’s reputation as a harm reduction leader.

The new taxation policy demonstrates Sweden’s dedication to fast-tracking its journey toward a smoke-free future. We should emphasize that Sweden is not merely advocating for harm reduction. More impressively, it is actively implementing harm reduction policies by making less harmful alternatives like snus more accessible through tax reductions.

The reduction in snus taxation is a significant development in the field of harm reduction policies. Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that is less harmful than traditional cigarettes. By lowering the tax on snus, Sweden aims to encourage smokers to switch to this alternative, ultimately reducing the overall harm associated with tobacco use.

Sweden’s latest policy decision reinforces its harm reduction and public health leadership. It sets an inspiring example for other EU member states to follow. The move towards risk-based taxation and regulation, as demonstrated by Sweden, can be a catalyst for encouraging smokers to transition to less harmful products such as vaping and nicotine pouches.

We are urging the European Union to take inspiration from Sweden’s lead. The importance of understanding implementing risk-based taxation and regulation for less harmful products, including vaping and nicotine pouches, is tremendous. As you know, we are advocating for the legalization of snus in the EU, a move that could profoundly impact public health policy throughout the region. We believe that Sweden’s decision to reduce the tax on snus by 20% and increase taxes on cigarettes and smoking tobacco by 9% represents a significant step towards a smoke-free future. As the EU continues its efforts to reduce smoking rates and improve public health, Sweden’s innovative approach serves as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating that risk-based taxation and regulation can effectively achieve these important goals. The time has come for the EU to follow Sweden’s lead and prioritize the well-being of its citizens by embracing these forward-thinking policies.

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