Pouch Awareness Month

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Every year, 700,000 lives are lost in the EU due to smoking-related diseases. As the EU reviews various nicotine regulations, there’s a concerning push to restrict safer nicotine alternatives, further endangering lives. We urge Pouchers and our supporters to sign the pledge and help save lives. 

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We worry that some countries want to restrict pouches, which could have devastating consequences. Poorly thought-out legislation could deprive millions of a lifeline. The time to act is NOW. With sensible nicotine regulations, we can save millions of lives in Europe. Everyone deserves the right to choose a healthier life, and that’s what we’re fighting for.

This month, we Pouchers are raising awareness about the most considerate, safest, and most effective way to support smokers in switching and staying away from cigarettes. We are highlighting the role legislation plays in this crucial issue.

We refuse to give up on the millions who could benefit from harm-reduction products. Your signature is more than support; it stands for sensible, life-saving policies. Together, we can make a difference. 

Join us in our commitment to a healthier, smoke-free future for Europe.

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Why Pouches Matter

Nicotine pouches and snus have helped millions quit smoking, protecting their health. These products are discreet—no smoke, no smell—making them an “invisible” choice that respects everyone. They are the safest alternatives to smoking and have proven effective in helping people quit. 

Sweden’s success story is a testament to this: by not restricting oral nicotine, Sweden has achieved the World Health Organization’s 5% smoking incidence target faster than any other country. As a result, Swedes have the lowest rates of smoking-related diseases and deaths in the EU.

We call for:

  1. Preservation of Choices: Rejecting bans on flavours for nicotine pouches and snus.
  2. Firm Commitment to Harm Reduction: Embracing effective strategies that promote the use of less harmful alternatives.
  3. Ensuring Affordability and Variety: Supporting access to safer nicotine alternatives for adults, including various flavours and nicotine strengths to suit individual preferences.
  4. Risk-Based Regulation: Differentiating and regulating nicotine products based on their harm, ensuring consumer-friendly policies that save lives and affordability.

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