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Considerate Pouchers is a platform set to represent pouchers.
We are growing and currently have spokespersons in Sweden, the UK and Germany.

Millions of us have used pouches for years now. Pouches helped us quit smoking, helped us protect our health, wealth, and relationship with the world around us. They have impacted our lives profoundly, but thanks to how discreet they are, they have impacted no one else’s lives at all.
Pouches allow us to be considerate to those we love and everyone else around us: no smoke, no smell, an “invisible” choice that bothers no one and respects everyone. Pouches are the safest alternative to smoking and can be used regardless of social background or circumstances.

If you don’t believe us, just take a look at Sweden: by not restricting oral nicotine, Sweden has successfully moved closer to becoming a smoke-free society by reaching the World Health Organisation’s 5% smoking incidence target faster than any other country in the world. This was achieved by assessing the evidence. Pouches are a universal benefit – for pouchers, non-pouchers, those trying to quit smoking, policymakers, and society as a whole.
Yet we are fought with increasing intensity by groups with agendas that do not prioritise our health or our well-being. We could lose our lifeline due to badly though-out legislation. 

That is why we need a safe space for pouchers and researchers to share their experience. We want to help to educate society and policymakers to be sure they understand the role pouches play in our lives and make better and more considerate decisions.

Who We Are

Considerate Pouchers is an independent platform set to represent pouchers around the world. We collaborate with other organisations that are aligned with a comprehensive approach to ending smoking.

Considerate Pouchers is supported by the Snus & Nicotine Pouch Users Alliance.

Considerate Pouchers is a global advocacy group of like-minded nicotine pouch users passionate about ensuring that our safer nicotine product of choice is not banned or overregulated. We are a growing community with members worldwide, and we work together to protect our lifeline and educate society and policymakers about the role that pouches play in our lives. We currently have country leads in Sweden, the UK and Germany, and we are always looking to add more as people volunteer in different countries

Our Team

Mark Oates


Mark founded the Snus & Nicotine Pouch Users Alliance in 2018. He is an avid user of Snus, Nicotine Pouches and is also a Vaper. A keen advocate for harm reduction across the globe, he believes that nicotine pouches have a huge role to play in bringing down the smoking rate particularly in Lower & Middle Income Countries. Day to day he works in the security sector. His favourite Snus is göteborgs rapé and his nicotine pouch of choice is Velo’s Tropic Breeze.

Richard Crosby

Richard Crosby

Director Considerate Pouchers UK

Richard, works in technology focused on web automation and is based in Wales. After almost 15 years of heavy smoking and numerous attempts to quit – he spotted a pack of Nordic Spirit in his local corner shop and ended up quitting smoking within weeks. Bergamot Wildberry from Nordic Spirit was his first and still favourite pouch – but he loves some Lundgrens snus as a treat!

Carissa During

Director Considerate Pouchers Sweden

Carissa studies clinical psychology at Uppsala University in Sweden. She uses nicotine pouches as an alternative to smoking and is keen that the world should know how successful pouches have been in helping Sweden get smoking rates to the lowest in Europe.

Michael Raetze

Michael Raetze

Director Considerate Pouchers Germany

Michael works in the telecommunications industry which leads to him travelling around Germany a lot, although he much prefers travelling outside Germany for pleasure. You can also find him enjoying sports and he takes a keen interest in economics.
He started using Swedish Snus but around three years ago switched to nicotine pouches, his favorite pouches are “Velo Polar Mint”.

Our Mission

Our mission is to play a vital role in reducing the smoking rate across the globe and in our own countries so that in the future, seven million people a year do not die prematurely from smoking-related illnesses. We are committed to advocating for the availability of life-saving products such as pouches worldwide while ensuring they are regulated with sensible and evidence-based legislation. By working towards our mission, we hope to make a significant contribution to the fight against smoking and improve the health and well-being of millions of people globally.​

Community Engagement

We give a platform for pouchers to connect and engage with each other, fostering sense of community and shared commitment

Education and Awareness

We educate society and policymakers about the role of pouches in a comprehensive approach to ending smoking

Representation & Advocacy

We inform discussions on the challenges faced by pouchers, in terms of variety, information, safety, and availability

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