Considerate Pouchers Celebrated Sweden’s Harm Reduction Success

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On September 13th, right outside Stockholm’s parliament, Considerate Pouchers put on a standout event to highlight and praise Sweden’s impressive harm reduction achievements. We rolled out a giant letter expressing gratitude to Sweden for setting a shining example in harm reduction for the world.

Despite the morning chill, the spirit of the gathering was lifted not just by the cause but also by a classic Swedish Fika, complete with warm drinks and cinnamon rolls. The delightful scent of fresh pastries, the strong message and our giant letter #ThankYouSweden attracted several attendees. 

Our event was further graced by the presence of esteemed members from the Riksdag, Jesper Skalberg Karlsson and Marie-Louise Hänel Sandström, reinforcing support for this cause.

Participants got the chance to snap pictures with the giant letter. And by sharing the photo on social media and tagging Considerate Pouchers, they scored a trendy hoodie. 

Thanks to safer alternatives like snus, nicotine pouches, and vapes, Sweden has the EU’s lowest smoking rate. But Sweden’s achievements mean more than just stats. They symbolize hope, growth, and the chance for worldwide transformation. With the 5% ‘smoke free’ milestone within reach, Sweden is on the brink of going completely smoke-free.

Our open letter underscored Sweden’s harm reduction methodology as a gift to the world, emphasizing the shared responsibility to ensure that this invaluable gift is disseminated and adopted universally. Following Sweden’s lead could’ve saved nearly 3 million lives in Europe from 2000 to 2019. It’s pivotal that global governments and policymakers are enlightened about this.

The event’s impact wasn’t just in numbers; it sparked meaningful conversations. Attendees, politicians, and Considerate Pouchers members chatted about Sweden’s smart moves towards becoming nearly smoke-free. 

This day was more than a celebration. It was a robust declaration that strategic, caring choices by countries can lead to major global benefits. While the road to a smoke-free world is long, Sweden’s guidance clarifies the journey.

If you couldn’t make it to Stockholm but still wish to champion our cause, it’s not too late. By signing our open letter, you’ll join a growing movement advocating for the global adoption of Sweden’s harm reduction approach. Your signature can be a potent endorsement, prompting policymakers worldwide to consider the Swedish strategy, with the potential to save millions of lives.

Sign here

Every voice, signature, and shared story propels us towards a world with countless more lives saved.

Hop on board. It’s time to spark global change.

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