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On Monday, 2nd October 2023, Considerate Pouchers, the global consumer advocacy group for nicotine pouch consumers, organised a special event during the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, UK. The purpose of this event was to provide conference attendees with an opportunity to socialise, enjoy refreshments, engage in a friendly game of mini golf, and gain a deeper understanding of nicotine pouches and the aims of Considerate Pouchers to reduce the 7 million deaths a year that occur due to smoking.

The event took place at Manchester’s popular ‘Junkyard Golf Club’ and attracted a diverse range of participants, including researchers, party members and staff.. The relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere of the evening fostered meaningful discussions and, of course, some competitive rounds of mini golf.

Given the recent announcement to phase out traditional cigarette smoking, it has become increasingly important to explore alternatives and find ways to transition people towards a smoke-free future. The United Kingdom has experienced a steady decline in smoking rates, largely attributed to the government’s sensible regulations on vaping. In this context, Considerate Pouchers aims to advocate for similar considerations for nicotine pouches.

Considerate Poucher advocates have called on the government for changes in legislation to guarantee that only individuals over the age of 18 have access to nicotine pouches. They also wish to see the inclusion of these pouches in current smoking cessation initiatives. Their aim is to promote responsible regulations that limit access to adults and encourage the use of pouches as an effective aid in quitting smoking and minimising harm. In order to achieve the ambitious goal of a smoke-free society by 2030, it is crucial to integrate nicotine pouches and other harm-reduction products into evidence-based programs that assist smokers in transitioning from cigarettes.

You can read their letter to Neil O’Brien MP (Minister for Primary Care and Public Health) – Department of Health & Social Care and his response here.

Whether individuals attended the event or not, Considerate Pouchers encourages anyone interested in learning more about their organisation and work to reach out using the contact options available on their website.

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