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Every year 700,000 lives are tragically lost across the EU due to smoking-related diseases. 

As the EU reviews various nicotine regulations, there is growing concern about efforts to restrict safer nicotine alternatives. Such restrictions could further endanger lives by limiting access to effective quitting aids.

In light of these concerns, from this year forward we will mark June as “Pouch Awareness Month” to raise awareness about the importance of this effective harm-reduction tool. 

We urge policymakers to ensure that pouches remain accessible, acceptable, and affordable to support a healthier future for everyone.

These alternatives have emerged as a powerful tool in the fight against smoking, helping millions around the world to quit and significantly improving their health, finances, and overall quality of life. Unlike traditional smoking methods, pouches are discreet and considerate to those around us – no smoke, no smell, and no disruption.

Sweden serves as a remarkable case study in the benefits of pouches. By not restricting oral nicotine, Sweden is on the path to becoming a smoke-free society, achieving the World Health Organization’s 5% smoking incidence target faster than any other country. This success was achieved by carefully assessing the evidence and recognizing the universal benefits of pouches and snus.

Despite this, some countries are moving to impose restrictions on pouches, a decision that could have devastating consequences. Poorly thought-out legislation could deprive countless individuals of a critical lifeline in their journey to quit smoking.

“We are witnessing a public health revolution in Sweden, driven by a pragmatic approach to nicotine usage,” said Richard Crosby, Director of Considerate Pouchers UK. “Sweden is saving lives by embracing harm reduction and less harmful alternatives. This sets a standard for the rest of us. All governments striving for better public health should support the availability of pouches. They must be accessible and legally available to those seeking an alternative to cigarettes. They should also be offered in various flavors and nicotine strengths to meet individual preferences and be affordable, with taxes reflecting their lower health risk.”

As part of this campaign, we are calling on all pouchers and supporters to sign our pledge to protect pouches and ensure that these safer alternatives remain available to all who need them.

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