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Michael Raetz of Considerate Pouchers, a global network of dedicated pouch users, has written to the German Health Ministry to call for the legalisation of nicotine pouches in Germany.

Considerate Pouchers is committed to promoting safer alternatives to traditional combustible cigarettes and ensuring access to these alternatives for consumers worldwide.
Michael argues that Nicotine pouches offer a promising solution for individuals seeking to quit smoking. Drawing inspiration from Sweden, where similar products known as “Snus” have long been available and embraced, we are calling for the recognition of the potential benefits of nicotine pouches in Germany’s public health policy discourse.

The collective experience of consumers and alongside robust research has demonstrated that nicotine pouches provide a smoke-free alternative that significantly reduces harm to users’ health compared to smoking. A Large number of Europeans have successfully transitioned away from smoking by using pouches, due to their effectiveness at helping people transition from smoking to safer nicotine products.

It is vitally important that there is legal access and sensible regulation of nicotine pouches. Therefore we are calling for the implementation of age restrictions on distribution and the establishment of legal nicotine limits to ensure safe usage. By making pouches readily available to the 1.3 billion smokers globally and the 13.6 million smokers in Germany, we believe they can make substantial progress in mitigating the harms associated with smoking.

However, the current regulatory landscape in Germany presents a barrier to accessing nicotine pouches. Classified as “food” rather than tobacco products, pouches are not available for sale in the domestic market, leading consumers to seek alternatives through online channels from abroad. This regulatory gap not only hinders consumer access but also results in lost tax revenue for the German Government.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), clearly shows their reduced relative risk in comparison to smoking.

The success of nicotine pouches in Sweden serves as a compelling case study, demonstrating their role in significantly reducing the smoking rate and associated health risks. Despite growing media coverage and public awareness of nicotine pouches, the issue remains underrepresented in the Bundestag’s agenda.

In conclusion, Considerate Pouchers urges the traffic light coalition to prioritize the legalisation of nicotine pouches in Germany. By considering the evidence-based advantages and consulting with experts, we can advance public health initiatives and provide smokers with a safer alternative. We are calling for further dialogue and collaboration on this important matter, emphasizing the potential benefits for both smokers and non-smokers alike.

See the letter from Michael Raetz below –

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