Considerate Pouchers Sweden Advocates for Nicotine Pouches in Canada

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Considerate Pouchers Sweden has taken another step in the fight against smoking-related health issues. We have initiated outreach to Canadian provincial health authorities to share insights and successes from Sweden’s tobacco control strategies, particularly emphasizing the impact of nicotine pouches. This proactive move showcases our dedication to extending harm reduction efforts internationally.

Carissa Düring, the Director of Considerate Pouchers Sweden, penned thoughtful letters to provincial health ministers. Carissa shared the positive outcome witnessed in Sweden—a notable decrease in smoking rates due to the adoption of nicotine pouches. This approach has been instrumental in Sweden’s journey toward becoming a smoke-free nation, with adult smoking rates dropping below 5%.

Considerate Pouchers is hopeful that Canada will consider integrating nicotine pouches into its THR arsenal, taking a big step towards a future free from smoking-related diseases. Our message is clear: providing a range of smoking alternatives can empower individuals to make healthier choices and significantly contribute to public health goals.

The outreach is part of a broader vision by Considerate Pouchers to engage with health officials worldwide, advocating for change and offering support to achieve shared public health objectives.

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