A Pouch Warrior’s Guide to Advocacy  – Unlocking Sweden’s Smoke-Free Secrets

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Hey there, pouch warriors! Get ready – we’re bringing back all the 🇸🇪 Swedish THR’s secrets to share with you. Sweden is leading the charge with their harm reduction strategies and is becoming the first country to achieve the smoke-free goal of a 5% smoking rate. A  smoke-free nation is not just a dream; it’s happening, and we’ve got to share this with the rest of the world.

And we have just the right resources for all you pouch warriors needing some backup. Our Sweden Resource Center is your one-stop place for all things advocacy. Need some arguments to convince politicians why THR works? Sweden is always a good example. Check out our resource center. It’s all there, from the latest research, social media graphics, policy briefs, and high-impact publications. All resources are available for free on our website.

If you aim to craft a press release that captures attention, rest assured we have the resources to facilitate that. Should you require a presentation to highlight Sweden’s triumphs in harm reduction, consider it provided. In search of a detailed fact sheet that illustrates the Swedish example with precision and clarity? Look no further—it’s at your disposal. Resources are available in English, French, German, Bengali, Kazakh, Korean, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, and Uzbek Languages. 

And this is more than just resources; it’s a call to arms. We urge you, our global community of dedicated pouch warriors, to take this knowledge and light a fire in your local areas. Show the world that the Swedish way isn’t just a fantasy; it’s a tangible, effective strategy that’s reducing smoking rates and setting a new standard for public health.

So, are you ready to stand up, make some noise, and push for a future where harm reduction isn’t just an option but the way forward? 

Check out all the resources and start making a difference today at Considerate Pouchers’ Resource Center.

Considerate Pouchers’ Resource Center

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